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Dr. SundinI’m a technical and management consultant. I work with electrical insulating oils, heat transfer fluids, chemical extraction and purification of essential oils and pharmaceuticals, synthetic and biodegradable lubricants, oil recycling technologies and power transformer commissioning. I’ve built, staffed, started, and managed processing plants in several countries. I’ve developed new products and led marketing and sales programs. I have an extensive international background, and speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.

With more than 30 years experience in chemical processing and business ownership, I bring practical solutions to clients’ technical and marketing projects.  I work quickly, and I deliver results.  I’m available for short and long term consulting, project management and process improvement projects.

Here’s a short list of the types of projects I’ve worked on recently:

Transformer/Transformer Oil Consulting:

  1. Commissioning 230 kV Generator Step-Up Transformers
  2. Dissolved Gas Analysis and Failure Investigation of Windfarm Transformers
  3. Corrosive sulfur analysis and treatment of in large rectifier transformers
  4. Litigation consulting regarding failed distribution transformers
  5. Litigation consulting regarding transformer oil ruined during ocean shipment.
  6. Transformer design for various fluids

Computer and Electronics Cooling With Liquid Dielectrics

  1. Material compatibility studies with different dielectric heat transfer fluids
  2. Flow modeling and heat transfer optimization in server cabinets.
  3. Health, Safety and Environmental Impact studies of fluids for liquid cooling

Project Management

  1. Project management of lubricant recycling plant in Qatar, including technology selection, supplier approval, risk analysis, construction management and commissioning.
  2. Design and construction management of dielectric oil processing  facility.

Synthetic Lubricants Consulting

  1. Consulting and recommendations for extreme temperature drilling lubricants

Essential Oil Chemical Extraction

  1. Consulting with a producer of essential aromatic plant extract oils
  2. Specification and purchase of a CO2 oil extraction unit.
  3. Specification and Choice of molecular distillation, purification and packaging equipment

Biodegradable Lubricant Consulting

  1. Consulting with a worldwide producer of Palm Kernel Oil regarding market opportunities and the outlook for investment in Asian growing facilities.
  2. Consulting with a manufacturing of motorized forklifts considering a change to biodegradable hydraulic fluid.
  3. Consulting with a producer of vegetable seed oils, recommending the most profitable and appropriate lubricant markets for their oils.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a quick question or a long term challenge in electrical insulating oils, heat transfer fluids, biodegradable lubricants, or technologies of oil processing or recycling.  Would like me to write a technical article or to speak at an event?   Give me a call, I’ll be glad to discuss it with you.




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