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David Sundin

I’m David Sundin, Chief Scientist at Engineered Fluids, LLC.  www.engineeredfluids.com .  We manufacture advanced heat transfer fluids used in electrical and electronic applications.  Our highly efficient coolants can lower power consumption in data centers by 80%.  

We also focus on thermal management of motors, batteries, LEDs and transformers.   We also manufacture synthetic and biodegradable automotive and industrial lubricants.

My background is in development and manufacturing high tech functional fluids – I’ve started, staffed, and operated manufacturing companies in the US, in the Middle East and Brazil.   I’ve led R&D, marketing and production teams with full P&L responsibility.    I’ve worked with industry standards groups in the US and Europe for years, developing safer and better ways to cool, insulate, or lubricate mechanical assets.

Please contact me if you have a question or project in thermal management – whether it’s in batteries, motors, data centers, transformers or any other industry.  Let me know if you’d like for me to write a technical paper or speak at an event.  Give me a call, and I’ll be glad to assist you.

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