Latest Publications

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“Engineered Dielectric Fluids vs Mineral Oils in Motor Cooling Applications
Part 1: Heat Transfer Comparison”

“Health, Safety and Environmental Characteristics of Engineered Fluids

“A Study of The Relationship Between Insulating Fluid Viscosity and Transformer Cooling Performance”
–  IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society
Third International Conference on Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials
Tokyo, Japan

“Minimizing CPU Overheating with Liquid Immersion Cooling
–  Electronics Protection Magazine

“CPU Cooling with Liquid Immersion

“Thermal Designing and Building Transformers for Use With Viscous Fluids
– Published in Transformers Magazine, Vol 1, Issue 2

“Seven Reasons Why My Oil is Better Than Your Air”
– Blog Post

“Material Compatibility of Electronics Cooling Fluids”
– Blog Po

“The ABCs of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants
– Hydraulics and Pneumatics Magazine, November 2013

“Choosing The Right Heat Transfer Fluid for Electronics Cooling:
A Guide for Thermal Engineers” – White Paper

Discussion of Specific Heat

“The Importance of Heat Capacity in Electronics Cooling
– Electronics Cooling Magazine April 2013″

“Natural Ester Insulating Fluids”
 – Webinar for
LinkedIn Transformers Group September 2010

“Advances in Liquid Cooling of Electronic Circuitry
  – Electronics Cooling Magazine, August, 2010