Latest Publications

As they were copywritten by a former company of mine, I’ve removed most of my publications from my website.   Please contact me at for any publications that you’d like.

“Engineered Dielectric Fluids vs Mineral Oils in Motor Cooling Applications
Part 1: Heat Transfer Comparison”

“Health, Safety and Environmental Characteristics of Engineered Fluids

“A Study of The Relationship Between Insulating Fluid Viscosity and Transformer Cooling Performance”
–  IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society
Third International Conference on Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials
Tokyo, Japan

“Minimizing CPU Overheating with Liquid Immersion Cooling
–  Electronics Protection Magazine

“CPU Cooling with Liquid Immersion

“Thermal Designing and Building Transformers for Use With Viscous Fluids
– Published in Transformers Magazine, Vol 1, Issue 2

“Seven Reasons Why My Oil is Better Than Your Air”
– Blog Post

“Material Compatibility of Electronics Cooling Fluids”
– Blog Po

“The ABCs of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants
– Hydraulics and Pneumatics Magazine, November 2013

“Choosing The Right Heat Transfer Fluid for Electronics Cooling:
A Guide for Thermal Engineers” – White Paper

Discussion of Specific Heat

“The Importance of Heat Capacity in Electronics Cooling
– Electronics Cooling Magazine April 2013″

“Natural Ester Insulating Fluids”
 – Webinar for
LinkedIn Transformers Group September 2010

“Advances in Liquid Cooling of Electronic Circuitry
  – Electronics Cooling Magazine, August, 2010