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Compressor Lubricants:

For 20 years, SVB has manufactured the highest quality compressor lubricants in the US.  All SVB lubricants meet and exceed standards of compressor manufacturers.

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We have exact substitutes for the following products:          

SVB tém lubrificantes certos para compressores de Atlas Copco       

Synthetic Oils for Screw Compressors  (8000-12000 hrs)Top Performance Compressor Oil
100% Synthetic, PAO-based compressor lubricant for the best lubricity, best oxidation stability, longest life, and best equipment protection.  Top Performance Compressor Oil separates from air easily.  Proven to lower compressor temperatures. Available in all popular ISO viscosity grades.


Semi-Synthetic Oils for Screw Compressors (4000 hours)
Syn-Tec Compressor Oil
Blend of synthetic and highly refined petroleum base oils, offers outstanding protection against depoits and sludge.  Keeps compressors clean and running smooth.   



Synthetic Oils for Ammonia Compressors
Top Performance Refrigeration Oil

Food grade, PAO based synthetic refrigeration oil for use in compressors using ammonia as the refrigerating fluid.



Synthetic Oils for (Piston) Compressors
Top Performance Compressor Oil (P)

Long life, synthetic oil for piston compressors.  Longest service live available.  Advanced additives lower friction and counter buildup of acids and sludge.



PAG Compressor Oils
Super 32 Compressor Oil

Glycol compressor oils are extremely clean and work at high temperatures. 

Compare to Ingersol-Rand Tectrol Gold, Sullaire Sullube,




Glycol-Ester Blend Compressor Oil
SVB Super-Glycol Fluid

Ultra-clean, high temperature synthetic compressor fluid.
Compare wtih Sullair Super-32




Food Grade Compressor Oils
SVB PureBlend Compressor Oil

Made with NSF Registered white oils.   Approved for use in compressors for PET blow-molding, etc.




TS Refrigeration Oil - Protection for
Refrigeration Compressors

Long service life and excellent performance from a highly refined paraffinic petroleum oil.




SVB Industrial Flush - Solvent and Cleaner
Removes and suspends varnish, tar, carbon and sludge deposits while the compressor is operating.  SVB INDUSTRIAL FLUSH eliminates the need to tear down your compressor for a thorough cleaning




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